Art leasing

Looking to lease art for your lobby, conference room, executive offices or movie set? Look no further!

Art provides a powerful way to inspire and a cost effective way to generate positive media coverage.

Art is known to reduce stress, enhance productivity, help attract great employees, improve moral, and set your brand apart. Leasing art for your business could also be tax deductible.

Art leasing offers an opportunity to regularly refresh your collection without committing the funds for an out right purchase.  In other words, it offers you the flexibility to try before you buy.  The pressure to make a decision is greatly reduced when the art can be swapped out.

Inquire about art leasing programs. Monthly rates vary by duration.

View and download Liron’s Art for Business brochure

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lease art for movie sets, Liron Sissman painting with Kate Hudson in Something Borrowed
Liron’s painting leased to Warner Bros for Something Borrowed.
Hudson River at Boscobel as shown with Kate Hudson